LIV Golf vs PGA Tour

Bunch of Noise = Big Distraction

The famous of English Prime Ministers was a golfer

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Winston S. Churchill

LIV Golf came onto the scene in a whirlwind of controversy. That might be an understatement.

It seemed to really pick up steam once Lefty opened his mouth back in February. Basically, Phil Mickelson called the Saudi Arabian backers of LIV Golf “scary” and spoke on how they have a “horrible record on human rights.” He was also critical of the PGA Tour using what he called “manipulative, coercive, strong-arm tactics.” It is all documented with his quotes and other details.

Phil got all of the criticism and backlash, but LIV Golf got plenty of press coverage and social media buzz. It gave way to a widespread recruitment of top golfers from the PGA in a style that resembles what many would consider poaching. The big ticket offers to play and party-style jets and events for LIV Golf attracted some big names like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Pat Perez, and others.

The PGA Tour and its commissioner Jay Monahan have not been sitting back watching things go down quietly. The latest developments have led to a court case that seems hinge upon the PGA’s authority to suspend players for defecting to the LIV side. It’s an antitrust lawsuit with a 105-page complaint against the PGA Tour.

So far, we’ve seen a lot of mud slinging and muscle moves from both LIV Golf and the PGA Tour.

Fans Want to Pros Play Golf

The classic golf reporting of Bubba Watson disregarding a spectator’s advice and working his magic on a recovery shot is the type of stuff true golf fans live for these days. It speaks to the golf fan’s desire to see the pros play their game in plain view. Golf fans want to be in the gallery in person or sitting on the couch watching Golf Channel to see the best doing it facing tough course designs and unfathomable pin placements.

Most golf fans could care less about whoever promotes, sponsors or hosts the tournament. They just want to see the pros play golf.

That’s the big deal.

Don’t Buy into the Nonsense

I think we can honestly say that the disruption has led to a major distraction. In fact, LIV Golf’s biggest critic at the onset was Lefty, and now he’s going to join the LIV Golf Tour. Conversely, some of the initial defectors from the PGA Tour have reportedly backed out of their commitment to the LIV Golf Tour. These types of changes are o be expected and will most probably continue as “developments” in the process of such a disruptive and divisive time period in the world of golf.

Don’t give it much attention.

If you love watching golf, Brooke Henderson is doing some amazing stuff within the ranks of the LPGA. She’s 6th in world ranking and #3 on the money list. Her latest victories have been stunning displays of golf to witness. The televised PGA Tour might be missing some big names, but it still has some exciting play. If you really want that good ol’ days feeling, then watch the Champions Tour.

Swing it like you mean it!!

If you love playing golf, play an extra round or hit the driving range more often as this LIV-PGA business gets sorted out. At the end of the day, it’s not helping your handicap much. It’s not a major factor for your own golf game. It’s just another ounce of small talk to discuss while awaiting the other foursome to tee off since the starter has groups backed up at the first tee due to the great resignation and supply chain issues.

Just play more golf and carry on.

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