Injuries, Illness and Inspiration

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

John Lennon

I learned about this John Lennon quote in my younger adult days. It always seemed to make sense logically. However, at the time, my circumstances did not truly reveal how much the quote actually speaks to various situations in life.


I’ve been trying to get out onto the golf course for nearly 2 months now. Initially, my schedule of work and coaching interfered with finding free time. Then, the rainfall and winter storms came crashing into town.

But that wasn’t the worst of it all.

Injuries plagued me almost at every turn when the sun did come out and the grass dried up from the rain. First, the ankle was swollen and aching. Next, the shoulder became limited in its rotation. And, of course, aging in general never helps.

Injuries are a definite setback to any plans of playing 18.


In the midst of struggling with inclimate weather and injuries, I fell ill. The type of illness that the health professionals identify as not being anything close to COVID. That’s the only consolation when you’re told that it could be a severe virus or just allergies.

It’s never been my thing to be out long term with an illness. Even when I had a “serious illness” some years ago, I still did as prescribed and took a short-term period off work like a Thursday and Friday, rested on the weekend, and returned to work on Monday.

This was something different, though.


Downtime doesn’t have to lead to a downturn in all that you have on your plate.

Im involved in the inspiration business. That’s part of what I do. It’s an indication in part of the why behind me doing what I do. I’ve been saying for a while, but maybe some haven’t heard it yet.

Just a little bit of what I’ve managed to do during my downtime:

I’ve come out the illness and I’m back on track. I think I’m ready to hit the course again. My cousin Robert is town again and I might be able to get out there soon. Let’s see what happens.

Keep swinging!

John Lennon

John Lennon was an oftentimes misunderstood musician and the epitome of an enigmatic idealist. He is misquoted many times. His message of peace and love got overshadowed by many of his offhanded and flippant comments as he searched for his own identity and the meaning of life.

Open Box contains flower quotations including one by Lennon. Plenty other bloggers quote Lennon on everything from peace to imagination.

Please, take the quote used in this post for its application to what is described here, not how it might have been used outside of it in other situations.

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