Been Away But Been Busy

I took some time to recover and heal properly before jumping up and playing 18 holes of golf. I know I’ll be rusty once I hit the links, but I’ve been preparing mentally and physically for the challenge.

In the meantime. . .

I recently released an ebook of poetry called Words from the Underground. It comes from the perspective of a person living on the streets of urban America with mental illness and suffering from poverty. It is in “the Underground” where I find my ministry work. It is in “the Underground” where I feel most connected to living out God’s Word coming alive in my life as I can serve and support others.

Buy a copy of my ebook during April (National Poetry Month) and the profits will go towards Life Path Mobile Ministries. It is through Life Path Mobile Ministries that I have focused my ministerial work on serving and supporting the poor and needy.

Poetry’s not your thing? Help us serve and support the poor and needy in San Diego through our GoFundMe campaign for Life Path Mobile Ministries.

You can get more of the story behind launching Life Path Mobile Ministries via my blog and also through Live @ Lunch Bible Study which I host weekly on Wednesdays at 9 AM PST via YouTube.

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