Rahm Wins at Augusta

Jon Rahm is due all congratulations and celebrations of his recent victory at the Masters.

Jon Rahm won it like a pro.

The golf world has seen it happen before.

Let’s not play like great pros don’t claim monumental moments at major pro tour events.

Rahm’s a pro and deserved the win. He’s been on fire.

What Jon Rahm did was ignite a fire in the golf world as he earned his green jacket. He deserves the congrats from golfers around the world. He deserves the oodles from onlookers who only tune in to watch just one of pro golf’s major events. As the world turned its eyes to Augusta, Jon Rahm turned up the heat and overtook Brooks Koepka in the final round of the tourney for the win.

I had my eyes on Koepka holding strong, but you could see Rahm edging up and eventually edging out Koepka by just 4 strokes. I was even impressed by Lefty getting into the fray despite a struggle in the other rounds. Good golf was still being played despite everything surrounding this 87th Masters Tournament.

Rahm had 2 final rounds that were impressive as he went on to become the fourth pro from Spain to don a green jacket.

Let’s see where the remainder of golf season takes us.

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